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Welcome to my site. Inside you will find images of the things in nature that excite me. There are wild orchids, flying eagles, three seasons of wildflowers, beautiful landscapes and colorful warblers... .and much more. All are  there for your viewing pleasure.  If you want to have some of these hanging on your walls, my website has easy access to quality photo prints.

I'm a retired R&D engineer and now pursue professional photography and teach photo workshops that include creative use of smartphone cameras plus conventional nature photography.  I came to the Finger Lakes of New York in my early engineering career and fell in love with it, so it is truly my home.  You'll see in my photos why it is a special place.

I also publish a photo blog and would love for you to follow it at:  Birds-n-Blooms

If you don't see an image size that meets your needs, I am always happy to prepare custom sizes on request.  Contact me at:   pschmitt@stny.rr.com

Thanks for your interest.       Paul Schmitt